Morena Saliva Morillo

Private Jet Broker

Hi I'm Morena from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I have always had a special interest in Aviation and travel, since I was very young I experienced traveling many countries and I knew that I was born for this Industry. Finishing my degree in Tourism and Hotel Management in 2016, I started with the certification of Flight attendant, there I found my passion for aviation.

I started my career as a Private Jet Consultant/Sales Manager Broker in 2017, over the years in Welo Jets I have acquired skills in understanding the needs of all my clients.I arrange private jet travels to those looking for a hassle free experience, whether it be for leisure or business. After all these Years of work, I have learnt to pay attention to the little details that make the difference. When I am not working I enjoy the arts and exercise. Painting is one of my hobbies, alongside fencing, training and off course traveling.

Languages: ES - EN 

Buenos Aires



Conde de Aranda 10

28001 Madrid, Spain

+ 34 518 88 98 13

800 Southeast 4th Avenue, 

 Miami, FL 33009 


Hangar Uno - Aeropuerto Internacional San Fernando, Buenos Aires

+ 54 11 4871-4851

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